Friday, April 16, 2010

Illusion D'or Layered

Hi! I wasn't going to post this as I felt it may be cruel and unusual because I hear Illusion D'or was sold out, but I think that claim has been reversed so here it is! I did a swatch of Illusion D'or layered over several different cremes so you can see what this baby can do.

I did two coats of I.D. over blue, black, red and green:

L to R: Illusion D'or +
  • Rescue Beauty Lounge - Dead Calm
  • Tropez - Black Satin
  • Rescue Beauty Lounge - Bangin'
  • BB Couture - Green Goblin
Dark shades really make that "illusion glitter" pop!
For my original swatches go here.

What do you think?


  1. Very nice post! Ur color combinations are always great!

  2. =( I wish I could love this, but it just doesn't go for me. I'm such a glitterhater

  3. Very nice! I'm glad I was able to purchase ID before the sell out! Can't wait till it comes in the mail :)

  4. I love it over the red, it's my fav combo.

  5. Ok, I ate my words. I said this wasn't special, I was wrong.

  6. Love love love! I love it over Dead Calm, I imagine it'll be fantastic over blurple shimmers too!!

  7. I like it over dead calm. It reminds me of Egypt.

  8. I adore Chanel, but I just can't love this. I have a bias against layering polishes. I am annoyed by them for some reason. I feel all polishes should be able to stand alone. :)