Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nailene Artifical Nails Review

Hello all! I received some Nailene nails to review for you all and I really can't get them on without looking really dumb or without filing down my nails (which I am not willing to do) because my natural nails are longer than the press-ons. There is an exception to the rule, however, with my left index finger. This poor thing keeps having ridiculous breaks so it is shorter than everyone else. He just can't get on the same page. And I'm not left handed! I would think the right hand would have issues, but no. It's too bad too because I think my left index is my favorite when grown and shaped properly. (Yes, I have favorite individual nails! *Is weirdo*)

Anyway, these looked so cool I thought I would try on one on the lame nail to model for you. The style is "Starry Sky" and I really like these. They have a semi-transparent, milky, soft, french pink for the base and the tip is dark blue with bright blue glitter that looks a little iridescent. Really pretty.

Check out that close up! Awesomeness.

There are two more french manicure sets that I have to show you, but I couldn't bear going through more rounds of gluing and soaking so I just have shots off the hands:

These don't have a name just a number: 71000. They are your classic french manicure. I really like the way the white fades away with little dots rather than having a definitive line.

These are style number 77935. Again a classic french, but the base has a sparkly, crystal shimmer which I think is super pretty.

The glue that comes with these is mega strong. You won't have to worry about these nails not hanging on! Once they are on they aren't going to go anywhere!

The one thing I have to stress, and I know I will sound like a broken record: Use 100% acetone to get them off. Please. The glue is like super glue. If you rip them off, you will take your natural nails with it. These will not damage your natural nails if you use them right. Glue them on, wear them for about a week to 10 days tops, and soak, soak, soak in 100% acetone. Regular "acetone nail polish remover" is not strong enough. Get a little bowl, pour some 100% acetone in and soak for several minutes. Try 5 minutes at first, which should be good enough, and then scrape off the nails with an orange stick. They will be like a soft, gooey blob of plastic. If there is any glue still on the nail, soak a cotton ball with the acetone and remove the glue. Please remember this. The box says "soak in acetone remover" to get the nails off, as it seems all fake nail kits do, and that is misleading. Regular remover will not cut it. *end rant*

These can be found at retailers and drugstores where Nailene products are sold.

-What do you think?

Disclosure: The products featured in this post were furnished to me by the manufacturer or PR company for review. For more information please visit my disclosure policy.


  1. These are really cute - I have seen them quite a bit lately - but like you, my nails are much too long for them to help me in the event of a break - I would have to cut them ALL down to benefit - but they have come out with some designs for women who may have smaller nail beds and need a quick fit for an evening or an event and may not have time for a full manicure. There is definitely a venue for these among women and young women. Thank you for the review.

  2. These look great. I don't think I ever want to soak my hand in 100% acetone though. I worked in a paint store for a few years and that stuff is HORRIBLE on your skin. Too many warnings on the bottle to list. :P They recommend to wear gloves and not get it on your skin. :P Your skin is a sponge! AHHH
    *runs away* So ...nubbins for me!

  3. There really pretty, but I don't do fake nails. To afraid of trashing my own nails.

  4. I have seen these recently, I should try it now that I have my nubbies! Great post!