Friday, April 2, 2010

Nailene Bedazzle Nail Decals

Hello everyone! Hope you are having a wonderful Friday and that you enjoyed my little joke post yesterday! April Fool's is so fun! I didn't get any major scams played on me, thank goodness.

I have had a really cute little mani on for the last few days and I thought I'd share. I was going to save this post until I did a few more test manis, but that probably isn't necessary and I just have to show you this.

This is NYX - Aurora, a mellow yellow shimmer, topped with the green flower decals. I have had this on for a couple days and I love it! And the flowers have held up great. Here are some pics of all the decals that come in this set:

The whole package. One thing I love about the package is that it is an easy open and resealable. So nice.

This is the sheet I got the flowers from. There are blue, sky blue, green and white. They also have a smidgen of iridescent glitter on them. I love these!

This sheet has pink and white decals in butterflies, stars, swirly things, and silver bullions.

This sheet has Greek letters and some sort of mythological pictures, maybe?

This sheet is all silver decals with a slight prismatic effect. There are stars, hearts, circles and moons. They remind me of stick-on earrings from when I was a kid.

Here are a couple other things I have done with these this past week:

This is the flower again on Color Club - Pucci-Licious. The other nails are Essie - Lilacism.

Here is the other hand from that mani. I used the silver bullions from the 2nd sheet. I love idea for this but I should have put on a topcoat to seal around the circles.

This is the flowers redone adding a shimmery sheer and topcoat. Notice how this looks more uniform and like the decals are really a part of this mani and not just a sticker ready to fall off. I had to redo the first one because I messed it up by not putting a topcoat on.

This is one of the pink butterflies over Revlon Streetwear - Drab. I thought the pink would make a nice contrast against the camouflage green. I think I was right! Again, should have put on a topcoat. It looks far too detached. And actually ending up cracking without a topcoat on.

Final Verdict
: These definitely get a solid "A" from me. I love these! They are super cute and easy to use. It's just a sticker. Peel it off and put it on! The only negatives I found (and these are small) is just that they are brittle and will snap in half if you don't put on a topcoat. Plus they could catch things and peel off but this is easily remedied by putting on a topcoat. That's what I did for the yellow/green mani and its been holding on very well. The other negative is that the very small stickers can be a bit difficult to work with because they are tiny, but I remedied that. When I did the small silver circles I scraped them off the sheet and picked them up with an orange stick like I would do with rhinestones and positioned them where I wanted. Easy peasy.

You should be able to find these at drugstores and where Nailene products are sold. I believe they retail around $5-$6.

What do you think?

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  1. Those look awesome once you put the topcoat on. Stop! I'm not trying to buy any more nail paraphernalia!!

  2. So cute! I love putting decals on my pedicures :]

  3. Is that Darth Vader on the greek letters sheet, second from left in the bottom row ? OMFG! :D :D

    The green/yellow mani is cute, so nice for spring!

  4. They look really cute! And I absolutely adore Essie Lilacism :-)

  5. Cute! For some reason I was really into decals this past week so this is an awesome post for me. I really really love the green flowers page there..super cute.

  6. they are so cool.
    defo like the shimmery one best!

  7. I love decals! Love the lilac and purple mani!

  8. yes, i love these!
    nailene has a few other varieties of nail decals, so pretty and easy to use too!
    and they are pretty cheap at wal-mart, only $3.

  9. I haven't worn nail decals since I was a little girl and you had to soak them in the water to get them to come my how things have come such a long way

  10. I love the gold mani! Its very pretty