Sunday, April 25, 2010

Zoya Swatch SPAM

Hello Everyone!

I must apologize for my absence. As you know I am in the process of packing and moving which has forced me to be a bit thin in my posts. But today may make up for it. I have swatched ALL of my Zoya nail polish to help guide you in your choices if you are doing the polish swap for Earth Day.

I started working on swatching all of them a while ago when Zoya had a promo to get two free polishes with any order over $10. How nice is that!? Well, they frequently do nice things like that and when they do, it prompts us (myself included) to scramble to find swatches so we can get ideas of what to order. And now with the exchange in full swing it is happening again! Well, I decided to give you a place to find a truckload of swatches of Zoya shades. Right here! I have included swatches of Zoya nail polish, from shimmers and glitters to mattes and cremes, in red and pink to blue and green and white and purple and everything in between! Here you are, my friends:

Astra - One of my most favorite shades ever. Pink and red glitter in a pink base. This is 3 coats.

Astra Close Up

Nova - Pink glitter in a magenta base. This is three coats.

Nova Close Up

Luna - Silver glitter in a shimmery silver base. This is three coats.

Luna Close Up

Savita - Matte purple that glows! This is 2 coats

Posh - Another fave. This is beautiful and this swatch is ONE COAT. matte shade

Dovima - 2 coats. matte shade

Loredana - This is 2 coats. matte shade

Eva - bright coralish pink. 2 coats

Dita - Punchy bright pink red creme. Dupey to China Glaze - Heli-Yum

Isla - Gorgeous blackened red shimmer. Must have. 2 coats

Moxie - Magenta creme. Very pretty. 2 coats

Jacy - Dark red-purple, magenta with hidden purple shimmer. This is 3 coats

Fergie - Purplish pink, or pinkish purple? Don't know but I love it. This is 2 coats

Malia - Hot. This may have been 3 coats, but I am not totally sure! No, I think its two but I though about doing 3 and decided not to

Pinta - This is one or two coats. I can't remember for sure but it is very rich and pigmented and can get on in one coat. Not only is it gorgeous alone, but it makes a great base to layer over; more interesting than a black creme, in my opinion.

Ki - Purple silver green duochrome - 2 coats

Adina - Wow. This turned out to be so much prettier than I thought it would be. I was afraid it'd be frosty and unflattering. I was wrong! This is 2 coats.

Kotori - Holy Moly! Get this!

Tallulah - Very bright blue shimmer. This is 2 coats

Jo - Periwinkle shimmer. I love this. Some nails have 2 coats and some have 3 to touch up and bald spots.

Envy - Super dark green. Looks black in most lights. This is 2 coats.

Midori - Light green with lots of green shimmer. Apparently close to a discontinued favorite from China Glaze: Moonpool

Goldie - Very yellow, very bold and bright, gold. 2 coats

Richelle - Copperish gold shimmer. 2 coats

Sienna - Wow. This is 3 coats

Maria - 2 coats

Gaia - This is 4 coats and still streaky but I have seen others rock it well at three. It may just have been me this day. I love it though any way and plan to layer it over white next time.

Ginessa - Shimmery white metallic. This is 2 coats

Gabrielle - This is three coats. Soooo shimmery! I has a bit of VNL after three coats but it still looks good. Can always layer it. This will be awesome for summer.


  1. Thank you so much for this post. I am having the *hardest* time picking out polishes I want for the exchange. I think I'll be adding Kotori and Pinta to my list!

  2. Great post!! Just for the record Gaia is the polish I would choose if someone told me I could only wear one color for the rest of time. It's just gorgeous and impossible to capture on film. Soft white with gold microshimmer!

  3. Oh, they are gorgeous! I want them all... :P

  4. 0_0 wow! That is so many polishes! Did you get them all from the Zoya Promo?

  5. StartdustStephanie - Those are great picks!

    April - Gaia is so gorgeous! I have got to get in on with good application

    Biba- hehe! Get them all!!

    Lolitadewdrop - I got a large chunk of them in the exchange last year and then I bought some here and there over the past year and I also made an order the last sale they had for get 2 free with purchase. I am a big fan of Zoya!

  6. Thanks for this, Elaine! I'll be one of the ones on the search for good swatches, this helped me a ton. I'm definitely taking advantage of this, this year! I hope that your move goes well, and everything works out for you.

  7. Wow thanks for the pictures! Of course I already mailed my exchange package, but now I wish I had gotten Adina :( Oh well, there's always next year!

  8. Great post. Thank you I have got to get Kotori and Ki and I wouldn't have wanted them from looking at the Zoya website. Much appreciated!

  9. I believed I picked Midori among other ones for the exchange and it looks great on your nails!

  10. Thank you for taking the time to swatch all of your Zoyas! I had eliminated Sienna and Gabrielle from my shopping list for being too sheer, but now your swatches have put them back on my wishlist. Argh, Elaine, you must talk me out of them again! :)

  11. I love purple!!!! I haven't tried Zoya yet. Want to badly! Will check out where I can buy them.

    I'm having a contest if you're interested.