Saturday, May 30, 2009

Glitter Frankens

Racy Tracee


Hello! I have had a major lemming for Lippmann Collection-Superstar. I discovered it way after the holidays when it was too late to get it. So I was planning a franken. I found some brown glitter at Michael's, and it was in a sample pack of 16 different color glitters! So I thought I'd mix and match and have fun.

The first one, which I dubbed Racy Tracee, Was actually black and a pinkish red mixed into a black jelly base. But the colors sort of melted and mixed into a dark cherry color. Now that makes me a bit hesitant to mix together all sorts of colors cuz it might just melt and look like poo. And my Superstar dupe is alright. It doesn't seem to have the melt problem. I rather like it! I added a brown creme to clear polish to get a brown jelly base and added all the brown glitter!! It works, but this glitter all settles at the bottom. You just have to shake well before you use it. The particle size is nice though. It looks just the same size as the glitter in RBL's Frugalista and Locavore.


  1. great news! I heard Superstar is coming back soon!

    Your first franken looks a lot like Zoya Roxy! What brand of glitter did you get? I got some awesome results with the Martha Stewart glitter sampler pack.

  2. What a great colors you frankened there !!! I love it :-)

  3. I am new to the nail polish world (designs, art, etc).
    What is Franken?

  4. Very pretty. I love the brown glitter. Nice!

  5. I love this, good job! Poo glitter,lmao!

  6. Love both of those colors <3

  7. The Asian Girl- I am so excited about Superstar coming back! I saw that post right after I made this! I still want it. Along with that red one.

    It does look like Roxy, but it wasn't supposed to. It was supposed to be 2 different glitters. But this works too!

    Tuli-Thank you!

    Sommer- A 'franken' or 'frankenpolish' is a polish creation you make by mixing together 2 or more colors, or pigments, glitter or makeup to make your own unique color. It's a whole lot of fun! Plus it's a good way to get a color that is discontinued, or maybe just to expensive to invest it.


    Alexlyndra-Thank you!

    kittyluvscolor-Thank you!

    Kae- I'm glad you like! Thanks!