Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Evening Twinkler - An Essie Starry Starry Night dupe

I did it. I finally did it! I made an Essie - Starry Starry Night look alike. I frankened the franken of all frankens. I think I did a damn good job! Sorry to toot my own horn and all but I think it's pretty close.

The idea hit me when I purchased LA Colors - Silver Glitter. It is a clear base with silver glitter. To me it looked like it might be a match for the glitter in SSN. It was small and silver, and not holographic/prismatic, and not too small... it seemed like a match. Now for the blue part. That hit me when I got my hands on the new Wet n Wild Craze colors. I purchased Nocturnal, and it seemed to me to have a bit of a jelly consistency, despite being dark. I didn't think it would work out to well to mix them at first, to be honest, (plus I was concerned about using my Nocturnal since it was so small) so I just layered them. Here is the results:

On the first and middle fingers I used just one coat of Nocturnal and on the ring finger I used 2. I wanted to see how it compared because I was concerned that 2 coats would be too black. It actually looks okay, but nothing compares to how it looks when I mixed Silver Glitter and Nocturnal together:(make sure to click the picture for the enlarged size!)
Yeah.... I really, really have to pat myself on the back for this one. I do not have, nor have ever seen Starry Starry Night in person, but I think this looks pretty darn close. This is absolutely quelling my need for this elusive, beautiful polish. I've named it Evening Twinkler.

I started with an empty mini bottle, but soon realized this would need a larger bottle. After purchasing a replacement Nocturnal, I emptied a full size clear Wet n Wild and filled it with half Silver Glitter and half of Nocturnal. I must tell you too, that this was the best franken I have ever made formula-wise. It is soooo smooth and these two polishes mix together VERY easily and without balls. It took about 5 seconds. I have never seen polish mix so easily and apply so easily after being mixed. I strongly recommend everyone makes this!!! It is so cheap and easy. And if you want it a little bit darker (which I may) {nah. I like it just fine!!} you can a couple of drops of a black creme polish to darken it.

Wet N Wild - Nocturnal can be found in drugstores, and I found my LA Colors - Silver Glitter in a small independent beauty store, but I have also seen it on Cherry Culture.

Happy frankening!


  1. Love it! I have never owned SSN, but from the other pics that I have seen it does look really dead on!

  2. That is awesome! It looks just like other swatches that I have seen of SSN!

  3. Thats so pretty! I really want a colour like that! Great job:)

  4. Great to know about this. As I have been waiting to get the Craze collection since forever, I'm excited to see a way to make Nocturnal work even better. Thanks so much

  5. Ooooh! So cool! It does look JUST like the pictures I've seen! Congrats on nailing just the right formula!

  6. That is beautiful! Thanks for the formula. Looks gorgeous on you. Congrats for finding the perfect mix.

  7. That is stunning, great franken!

  8. This is a great franken! I have heard tales of Starry Starry Night but haven't seen it myself. I love your polish though! Congrats!!!

  9. AllYouDesire - Thank you very much!

    contest and such - Thank you! I have never seen it IRL either, but I think I got pretty close!

    gildedangel - Thank you! That is great to hear!

    alexas - Thank you! You should try to make it! I swear it's easy!

    Halifax - You are welcome!I have been seeing the Craze collection more and more so I am sure you will see it soon!

    Nicole - Thank you so much! I am so excited!

    Lucy - Thank you and you're welcome!

    Kae - Thank you!

    beautyjudy - Thank you! It is one elusive and beautiful polish but I think I feel better now that I have this! I may love it more since it is my own!

    Nosaby - Thank you

  10. Hi my friend!
    You don't need to learned portuguese,because I have a translator on my blog.Look there.

  11. You did a great job! It's so beautiful!

  12. OMG - thank you so much for doing this, and telling us how to! SSN is my all-time great lemming!

  13. flinty - Thank you very much!

    KINHA - That is great! I will need it!

    Alexlyndra - Thank you so much!

    nivipa - It's mine too!! And I assume I will never get it! You are welcome!

  14. I just made it today with the same polishes you did - it's dead on! I love it! Thanks for figuring this out. Considering a bottle of SSN just went for $67 on ebay, this is an inexpensive way to get the same look!

  15. I know this is old, but I just found it today and wanted to put in my 2 cents anyway. :) Another blue color that would be great for this dupe would be NYC Color - In a New York Color Minute: West Village. It's a deep jelly/creme blue. It's gorgeous. I bought it to use as a base for NYC Color Log Wearing: Starrry Silver Glitter, a clear polish with silver/holo micro glitter and turquoise and light pink hex glitters. It's really pretty and they look great together. :)