Sunday, September 13, 2009

Nubar Modern Matte

Hey! I got my Nubar Mattes from Beauty Judy's giveaway and I swatched them to share! They come in a little plastic baggie/carrying case and they are are all shimmery and very matte. Judy also sent me a little something extra to share a taste of Philly with me! They are a box of Tasty Kake, Butterscotch Krimpets. They are a soft, yellow cake like a Twinkie, but without the filling, and they have a butterscotch icing on top. Yum! I seriously opened the box and shoved one in my face before I even looked at the polishes!! I have a major sweet tooth. I did the same thing when Tuli sent me polishes (here). She sent along some chocolates, and I dove into those before getting to the rest of the package! I think if I sold polish, I would send them with sweets in every box! Wouldn't that be great.

Vital - Sun and shade - I wore this one as soon as they came. It was vital. It is a royal purple shimmer with blue and pink shimmer. It reminds me of grape juice.

Prevail - Sun and shade - Grayed purple matte shimmer. Sorry for the speck on the middle finger. I got something on it while painting. It's not the fault of the polish. The shimmer in this is dense and gorgeous. It's like a peach shimmer. I love the way it looks with the shade of this polish.

Avant-Garde - Sun and shade - Brownish, burgundy matte shimmer. I think this is perfect for fall.

Contempo - Sun and Shade. Bright red matte shimmer. This is a smidge brighter than Zoya - Posh, but they look pretty much the same.

And to showcase how shimmery they are, I put on a topcoat which really makes the shimmer pop. They look beautiful:

Vital - With topcoat and without

Prevail - With topcoat and without

Avant-Garde - With topcoat and without

Contempo - With topcoat and without

Nubar Modern Matte Collection is available at They retail for $7.49 each, or $24.95 for the set, which saves you $5.01
Thanks to Beauty Judy and Nubar for the giveaway!


  1. Thanks for the beautiful swatches and congrats once more! Such a lovely collection :)

  2. those are gorgeous! I love avant garde with topcoat too :D grats on winning those!

  3. I think that I like these better shiny; they have so much depth!

  4. Beautiful colors. They look lovely in both finishes. Tastycakes are delicious. When my Uncle used to visit from Spokane, Washington he would bring a large suitcase home just filled with Tastycakes! He grew up here so he knew how delicious they were.

  5. They look smashing on you! I'm so glad you enjoy the Tastykakes as much as you enjoyed the polish LOL!!