Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Alter Ego : Fearless

My alter ego is the person I want to become.
She's darker, bolder, braver. She's on fire. She is outspoken.
She can fill a room with her presence.
She is not afraid of what people think.
She is not afraid of anything. Not spiders, or snakes or scorpions.
She doesn't give a damn.
For this look I used:
Perfect Chic - 314
Tropez - Black Satin
LA Colors Art Deco - Pink
LA Colors Art Deco -Red Glitter
Konad Plate M28


  1. These are cute, I am in love with the design on your ring finger!

  2. I like the spider :) although I am afraid of them!

  3. I think that both looks are very powerfull, and beautifully painted.
    it's nice to see that you used Chic polish for this one :-)

  4. gildedangel - Thank you! I like that one too! I may have to do a whole manicure like that!

    AllYouDesire - Thank you! I LOVE spiders!

    Inbal - Thank you! I thought the perfect chic would be perfect for this immediately! It is so bold and powerful!