Saturday, September 19, 2009

Oldie Sally Hansens

I went digging in my friend's polish stash recently and discovered some great discontinued Sally Hansen glitters. And since I love glitters I had to try them! Unfortunately, two of the three were almost empty (and the two I wanted to try the most!) and they were pretty dried up. I threw in some polish reviver/thinner to at least get out enough for this swatch, but definitely couldn't get out enough for a full manicure. I thought it would be interesting to post them. Check out these bottles:

Celebrate, New Penny, Wired

The swatches are: Celebrate, New Penny, Wired and Wired over Revlon-Chocolate Truffle.

Celebrate is purple, green and gold round glitter and bar glitter. It's like Mardi Gras in a bottle. It is so fun! I wish this was still around.

New Penny is a small grain, but dense, copper/orange glitter. I really wish this was still around.

Wired is a translucent brown-yellow with small copper glitter and larger holo glitter. I am not a fan of it alone, but layered it's nice.

I wanted to say here "I wish that Sally Hansen would release interesting glitters like this," but we have just gotten some nice glitters, including one of my favorite glitters: Rockstar Pink. I am just such a nut for sparkle, and if I saw interesting mixtures like this in the drug store I would grab them up, no questions asked.

How old these are is a mystery. I don't really know when they came out/were discontinued. But perhaps if you hunt for them, you could find them somewhere. Some smaller independent beauty stores, or maybe ebay. If your like me, you're never scared of a little hard-to-find hunt!


  1. As soon as I saw the swatch of Celebrate I thought of Mardi Gras too! These are so lovely!

  2. I believe that Celebrate came out in the early 1990's. I have a bottle of it. Loved to layer it over purple or green nail colors.

  3. Celebrate is amazing! I love old Sally Hansens and I may just have to dig mine out and blog about them now ;)

    Thanks for inspiring me!

  4. I would top them off with thinner!
    I revived a colorama flakie like that, so it might work. I hope it works.
    They look great, I like New Penny =P

  5. I have never seen these before, thanks for the swatches. They must look great over black :)

  6. Ohhh, those are all super cool! I like New Penny too!

  7. Love celebrate. The new WetnWild that's for Halloween has some bar glitter like that. Maybe you should try it. I don't know what the name is. Why are the best glitters discontinued! I love Rockstar Pink. I have to get a backup bottle. I only have one backup bottle and that's Disco Ball from Xtreme Colors. I was really surprised at how dense the glitter was. I'd never used the Xtreme Colors before. Love them now.

  8. OMG I love celebrate! I have an oldie sally hansen post set to go this week I don't remember what day but neither of them are as cool as these ones! :) Good finds!

  9. LOVE celebrate! maybe some more thinner will revive it?? such a shame

  10. There is an auction going on ebay now with some of these older glitters, (I cound this blog looking for a swatch of new penny)