Friday, September 11, 2009

L.A. Colors and L.A. Colors Color Craze

Helllooooo everyone! I went on a hunt recently for polishes and I was trying to hit beauty stores I never went to before. Independent or smaller chains as opposed to something like Sally's. I discovered LA Colors!

In picture above: Silver glitter, Shock, Force, Phenomena

Silver Glitter - Shown alone and over black. This is a small grain, silver glitter top coat. This swatch was two coats but it covers very well with just one too. This is the stuff I used to make Evening Twinkler, my Starry Starry Night dupe.

Shock - I love this shade! I just wish is was more opaque. I would layer this over white for a mani. It's a neon yellow-orange, tangerine color and dries semi-matte. If I remember correctly, this was 3 coats and you can still clearly see visible nail line.

Force - I love this one too! This is a very shimmery metallic burnt orange. It reminds me of fall more than any other fall-ish nail polish I have seen. It is gorgeous.

Phenomena - This is a red purple creme. I love red-purples! I can not get enough. But this would NOT photograph. It looked cooler/more blue in real life than this. More magenta and not so red. This was the best pic I could get and I still don't like it.

I found the Color Craze polishes at the same store as the Santees I showed you. They were $1. And I found Silver Glitter in a different store and I think it may have been $2. These are all also available on


  1. Phenomena looks so beautiful on you! And that silver glitter can be really useful. :)

  2. Pretty colors. I have the Rockstar collection. I really like Shock and it's a shame it's not more opaque.

  3. These are great swatches, phenomena is my favorite of these!

  4. These are cool colors ! They look so cute :-)

    Also, I tagged you for an award in my blog, so you're welcome to check it out :-)

  5. I just bought Force .. along with Wave Length, which is .. like whoa. And Antique Burgundy. And after looking at your swatch for Force, I'm glad I bought it! I'm thinking of doing a gradient manicure with the 3 of them. :)