Monday, September 7, 2009

Santee Swatches

Hell0 everyone! Hope you had a lovely holiday! I am super excited right now because I just learned that I won Beauty Judy's Nubar Modern Matte Collection! How awesome! I will definitely swatch and post them as soon as I get my hands on them! Speaking of giveaways I have one coming up too!

For now I am bringing you a polish I never heard of until I spotted them in a store a few weeks ago. It is called Santee, and I can't find much about them. I found them on, but they only had one color and it was out of stock. Lame. I have been excited to share these because they are only $1! I found them at a shop that sold make-up, wild wigs and costume jewelry. So if you want to hunt them down try places like that or independent beauty stores. The colors that I picked up are Melon Green, Pearl Jungle, Neon Orange and Red Speckle.

Melon Green - This is a yellow-green, or maybe green-yellow, shimmer. Goes on smooth and looks awesome.

Pearl Jungle - Very self-explanatory name! It's a pearly green. The green is like a jade/emerald/fern color with a frosty-pearl finish. Very pretty.

Neon Orange - Love this color but hate the name! It is a very bright orange but I wouldn't call it neon. I own neon oranges. This is not one of them. And it doesn't dry matte as neons typically do. In fact, it dries super shiny! But I love the color because it isn't a straight up orange. It is like a cantoloupe color.

Red Speckle - This is one of the best red glitters ever! I love it! It is a jelly red that is a true red. Not orange or pink, but cherry red! Hott! And it has silver glitter. The silver that sits in the jelly looks red, and the pieces that sit on top show silver. Awesome!

All of these went on smooth, in 2 coats and I love the brush. I had swatched some Essie's right before these, and in comparison to Essie's brush this was exponentially better. Wider, but not ridiculous, even bristles, just awesome.

What do you think? Have some? Want some? Know where to get them? Going on hunt?



  1. I am digging Red Speckle. Hmm...have to see about tracking that down!

  2. I love these swatches, thank you for posting them!

  3. take a look at their website:

    they got some amazing colors! I love the red speckle you chose. :-)

  4. I'm soooo glad you did this review! I saw these on ebay months ago and wanted to try some but I never heard anything about them so I passed them up. I will give them a try now! thanks!

  5. Mighty Lambchop - I would do it if I were you! It is beautiful!

    gildedangel - I am glad you love them! You're welcome!

    Inbal - They have a great selection!I wish you could buy from their website!

    kittyluvscolor- That is great you like them! You should definitely try them. They retail for $1! That is incredible!

  6. Red Speckle: FUN! I've never heard of this I'll have to keep my eyes out!

  7. That last one is gorgeous! WOW!

    P.S.: I tagged your blog! :)

  8. Lovely colors on you. The first color looks like something I already own. I also look like crap in it. I was upset by this because I like the color. Red Speckle is gorgeous. Truthfully they look like colors I already own. I think I keep buying the same things over and over again. Just a bit of a shade off.

  9. oooh i love these swatches!! they sell these nail polishes in bulk on ebay and I was sketchy about buying them because I didnt want to buy 50 and then have the quality be so bad it wasnt worth it, but it seems like they are a good bang for your buck.