Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Deborah Lippmann Spring 2010

Hey kids! I have swatches of the spring release from Deborah Lippmann for you today! I tried them out over the weekend and they are fabulous. I feel like they are sort of trendy which I would normally loathe, but I can't hate on pretty polish!

If you look closely at this bottle shot I am sure you noticed the "Lippmann Collection" has now changed to "Deborah Lippmann" but she still stuck with that pretty, elegant bottle. *whew*

I'm Not Innocent - I surprisingly really love this shade. I didn't think it would happen. I thought it would be really thin and sheer but it's not! It needed three coats (shown here) but that is fine for a light color, in my honest opinion. Especially if you love it! This is a true peach creme. PEACH. Not China Glaze - Peachy Keen peach. This is what I think of when I hear "peach". Very soft, not stark, feminine and pretty. I think this is a huge winner.

There may be shades that are close to this, but I don't own them. I found two in my collection that looked close: OPI - Samoan Sand and Color Club - Coastal Creme:

From left to right: Samoan Sand, I'm Not Innocent, Coastal Creme. All are shown with three coats. In the bottle Samoan Sand looked like a dead dupe but once I got it on I was way off. It's far more sheer and Coastal Creme is far more white and stark. Unique shade!

Waking Up In Vegas - This is a "greige" creme. It definitely fits in the greige (gray-beige) category that is popular right now. It dries rather matte though so it will need a top coat if you want it shiny. I wore this one for a full mani and loved it! I had the girls at the hair salon drooling. When I look at it I think of clay and I like that.

I bet you are thinking this isn't a totally unique shade and could find a dupe for it. Well I thought you might, so I went ahead and did some comparisons:

Sally Hansen - Wet Cement, Deborah Lippmann - Waking Up In Vegas, Essie - Chinchilly, Color Club - High Society

Well I threw in Wet Cement so you could see how WUIV compares to a true gray creme. I think Chinchilly and High Society are leaning more on the beige/brown side of this and are a bit darker. If you think they are close enough you're probably right. I am here to help you save some dough, not spend it! I know it's hard to swallow the $16 price tag for Lippmann. BUT.... and I am sorry... I found the application of Waking Up In Vegas a dream. It was so smooth and creamy and flawless in two coats and Chinchilly and High Society definitely need three as they are very thin. :c(

Final verdict: I love these shades :cO Do you need them? If you can swallow the price tag, sure but if not I would save my pennies for the summer/fall glitters that I have been hearing rumors about! I am very badly anticipating those!

These are available now and retail for $16 each.

What do you think?

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  2. Love these... damn you... Debra for being $$$!!!

  3. I love the peach, it's like you say-true peach, but I'll try to find a less expensive dupe and let the rich have their Lippmann, that's her niche anyway. As for the greige, I'll stick with High society, it's close enough for me.

  4. I have WC and HS, for the price I'll stick with them. Great comparison!

  5. I need Waking Up In Vegas!!!!
    Thanks for the pics.

  6. Hi Elaine! How does Touch of Beige by Coronia compare to I'm Not So Innocent by Lippmann in terms of COLOR?

    I'm looking for a Lippmann polish with a shade similar to Coronia's Touch of Beige. Any suggestions?

    Thanks. :)

  7. I can't justify it seeing as I already have Chinchilly AND Wet Cement!