Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Laine's Version of the Ruffian Mani

After seeing the nails done by Creative Nail Design (CND) for Ruffian at Fashion Week I had to try it out. Here is the video showing how they got the look:

The inspiration was the night sky. To emulate it they used a dark navy topped with a matte maker and left metallic silver in a crescent shape at the base of the nails for moons. I love it!

I did mine a little different. I used gold foil for the moons, and dark green topped with matte for the majority of the nail, so mine isn't quite like the sky, but it sure is chic!

Here are a couple shot of the finished look shiny, prior to adding a matte top coat:

And here is the look after being mattified:

How I did it: If you look at other posts of my nails, you see that I practice "the gap method" of painting. I stop the brush far before the cuticle and leave a little space to ensure I don't hit the cuticle and make a big mess! But for this mani since I was going to have to do a larger size gap for the moons, I didn't want to take away from the space the moons would have. Therefore, when I put down the gold base (China Glaze - 2030) I went all the way to the cuticle (but still didn't touch it! It was a dangerous game of chicken!). Then I proceeded to paint with Zoya - Envy very carefully as I usually do, but with a huge gap, being the crescent moon. There was no real trick to it. I just worked very slowly and very carefully.

What do you think?!