Monday, March 1, 2010

This Lane is Paved Green!

Hello everyone! :c)

It is officially March and I am super excited about it because it gives me an excuse to wear tons of green! It also means I get to countdown to St. Patrick's Day, which is my absolute favorite holiday. I am not Irish at all, I just love to celebrate like them! Up at dawn, drunk by 9, and decked out in green! Okay, the Irish don't necessarily dress in green and get wasted at the crack of dawn, but that is sure how I have celebrated St. Patrick's Day for the last several years!

So to kick off the month of green right, I of course have a green polish to show you today. Well, it's two green polishes:

Sinful Colors has a St. Patrick's Day display out consisting of Irish Green, and Green Ocean. I had to rebuy my Irish Green because I gave it away and I have never had any of the "ocean" shades, which all have flakies, so I was very excited to buy it. The woman who rang me out was so intrigued by Green Ocean she asked if she could open my bottle to look closer at it! How cute.

This is Green Ocean over Irish Green over a white creme base. I know Irish Green has inevitable visible nail line syndrome no matter how many coats you do so I didn't waste any time and just layered it over white. The white base also helps make it really pop and show its neon properties. This was much brighter in person.

I wouldn't wait on these shades because they are only around for March from what I can tell. I have never seen them in a permanent display. And they are only $1.99!

Some bonus pics:

This is my Cash playing outside with the BF's parents' dog, Molly. Look at his little sweater! My parents sent it for him! It is a big help when he plays in the snow because his hair is so long and curly it picks up so much snow and then it gets all balled up and he has little snow balls hanging from him when he comes in the house.

This one I took over the weekend. When I am sitting at my polish desk doing my nails and he wants to play, he comes over and looks up at me with these sweet little, pitiful eyes. Do I stop what I am doing and go play? Of course! Who could resist that face! You can see his eyelashes really well in this pic. Aren't they amazing?! They grow out just like the rest of him. They baffle me! I've never seen a dog with such pretty lashes!

Have a great day!


  1. OH MY GOSH!

    We have the same slippers!!!

    I call them my Monsters Inc. Slippers!

    Your dog is absolutely precious!

    Cant wait to get out of town this weekend and get my butt in a Walgreen's and get green ocean!

  2. Awwwwwww what a cute doggie!. I just got Irish green and Green Ocean. Not loving green ocean, but I'm getting backups of Irish Green. Neon. Green. Jelly. helllll yeah

  3. I've been wanting green ocean as well.

    And your doggies are precious :]

  4. PowerLifterChick - Hahahaha! You're Kidding?!!! That is awesome! I love those slippers! They make me think of Monsters Inc too! Or Muppets! They are so fun!

    Get you some Green Ocean, stat!

    Scandalouw - Thank you!! Green Ocean isn't my fave either. I think it looks much better layered over black. Helllll yeah on the Irish Green!

    SeeingSunshine - Awww! Thank you! :c)

  5. Elaine, your dog is SUCH a cutie! I bet you can't resist him when he looks at you like that. Haha!
    I managed to snag Irish Green last year on a clearance endcap, I think it was under a dollar! If I remember right it was in their summer display, and I kicked myself for not picking it up. It's so fun!
    And I've had Green Ocean FOREVER. I should order some of the other Oceans, as I really like it. Love this layered together!

  6. ahhh! i love that Green Walgreens does not carry a large variety of sad. I went there to look for fresh mint? (one of the newer greens you posted not too long ago) but NOTHING! I'll be going there today again, hopefully they stocked up/added to the display. I've only seen Sinful at Rite Aid...where else do they sell it?

  7. Nicole - Thank you! He is such a little doll. That is right! They had a summer set up that had Irish Green in it with some neons! I love my Ocean polish! This is the first! I wish the base color was darker tho.

    ART OF NAIL - thank you!

    kitty - That is not cool, Walgreens! I always get my Sinfuls from Walgreens. Hopefully they'll be stocking up the new shades for you soon! Ummm... i can't think of any other places... Oh! I have gotten them from Meijer also and a independent wig/costume shop.

  8. Those dogs are so cute! I bought Green Ocean and I am really liking it!

  9. Green Ocean layered over Sinful Midnight Blue is ridiculous. Even more so mattified. The color shows up way better over the MB.

  10. You have such an adorable dog! And IRISH GREEN! Ahhhh! I'm not a huge fan of green colors, but I really love neon colors, and a $2 neon green? Why wouldn't I buy it? Yet, it is always out if they have a spot for it at my local stores. So I will make do with your beautiful photos and lovely nails for now. Thanks!

  11. Oh my gosh, your dog and his eyelashes are the most adorable things I have ever seen. I love nail polish, but as soon as I see a cute doggy, all that flies out the window!

  12. What a cute lady! I love it when people are so amazed by "freaky" nail polish. Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Even when they don't like it.

    Who doesn't like being wasted before the afternoon starts? I sure do! :D

  13. i totally bought those same exact colors and did my first look for st. patty's day!