Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Flashback: Color Club - Electro Candy

Hi all! Summer collections are upon us and one of my faves for summer is neons! Therefore today I am bringing you swatches of the Color Club Electro Candy collection, a set of six neon polishes. These are not a new release. They were Color Club's summer collection last year. I'm posting them because I recently acquired all of them and I thought it would be nice to swatch them. After how hard in love I fell for Tangerine Scream I had to get them all. And with summer right around the corner, it is a fine time to be showing these off. If you don't like neons on your fingers, then you should definitely consider them for your toes in your summer sandals!

What a Shock! - First off, can I just say: I love when nail polish names have punctuation in them. It's super cute. I sometimes put punctuation on peoples' names in my cell phone. So when my BF is calling me it doesn't say "Tommy", it says "Tommy!". It makes his call seem more exciting. Back to the polish: This is a super bright, neon green with blue-green shimmer. This is way brighter and way greener than the swatch depicts. My camera doesn't like greens and of course, neons are difficult to capture. This is much more glowy and bright in real life.

Volt of Light - This is a neon yellow with blue-green shimmer. The shimmer leans more on the green side against the neon yellow. This is much brighter and more neon in real life. This is pretty difficult formula wise. It took me 4 coats to look decent and I probably could have done a 5th, but I think it is worth it. I am a sucker for neon yellow and this one is so pretty thanks to that shimmer.

Ultra Violet - Ah! This is so cool. This is a neon purple leaning on the red-fuchsia side and it has that blue-green shimmer but it lean more blue against this purple. Super bold and super pretty. Way better in real life.

Tangerine Scream - This is a pretty good depiction of the neon-ness of this polish but the shimmer gets a bit lost. The shimmer is much more pronounced in real life and is more on the green side. This is one of my fave polishes ever. I love this! It's in the Top 20. If you need more persuading: this is the best shade in this collection formula-wise.

Pure Energy - Super bright blue with super flashy blue shimmer. This really almost hits it for a true neon blue although I still wish for a release of a REALLY NEON, neon blue. I am looking forward to seeing how this stacks up against the new release from China Glaze; Towel Boy Toy.

Electro Candy - Very bright, neon pink with blue-green shimmer. Totally 80s! Again, this pic kind of spoils the shimmer but the color depiction is good. The shimmer does actually looks pretty blue.

Being that these are neons they are on the thin side and require an extra coat or two. Tangerine Scream is the thickest and only needs two coats but the rest were all 3 coats with the exception of Volt of Light at four. But that is the price you have to pay for awesome, bright, neon-ness. These do dry shinier than most neons. They aren't as flat as you would expect. I always put a topcoat on all my manis anyway so it doesn't really matter, but it's worth mentioning.

These were last year's summer release from Color Club but they are still available on all our fave e-tailers.
What do you think?


  1. I have these and havent even touched them. Found em at Ross months ago. They look good on you.

  2. I'm not really a neon girl mostly because I'm afraid to wear them but I really like them on others! I really like ultra violet!

  3. I think you're making me regret deleting these from my shopping cart when I just hauled! LOL after I used 3 (blue, purple & green) for marbling, I thought I should pick up the other 3 to complete the collection, but when I looked at my order total, they were some of the ones that got culled. *sigh* There's always next time I suppose =)


  5. I bought this collection at Ross about a month ago & Tangerine Scream is my favorite.

    I'm so glad you swatched the colors, because while the color names & #s are on the box, they're NOT on the bottles. Now I know which colors are which!