Friday, March 26, 2010

Nail News

Hey all! Happy Friday! There are a couple things nail related I would love to bring to your attention:


Urban Decay has dropped the price of their Apocalyptic Nail Kit from $26 to $18! You can check out my swatches of this set here. My favorites are White Widow and Grunge.


Rescue Beauty Lounge - Scrangie

Rescue Beauty Lounge - No More War

Did you know that Rescue Beauty Lounge Shades No More War, Scrangie and Opaque Nude were sold out and discontinued? Well did you know that they are all being brought back?! You can see it here for yourself. How frikkin awesome is Ji Baek?! Seriously incredible lady. I don't know for sure, but I bet the Scrangie on ebay being scalped to high heavens pissed her off and didn't want that for us. I took a look at the auction and saw it was up to $61 when I saw it. Ew.
3) Models Own It is offering customers a 30% off coupon for their next purchase just by filling out a survey! I dd it and it was very painless and then got an email with the 30% attached! AND for doing the survey you are automatically entered Model's Own sweepstakes where one winner will receive their 12 most wanted nail colors! See here.


Sparitual has a video contest going on through the 21st of April. The rules are simple: record and upload a video response on the SpaRitual Believe YouTube sweepstakes page letting them know what you believe in. What inspires you? The Grand Prize winner will receive $500 worth of Sparitual products including their 2010 Spring Believe Collection. See full rules here.

Have a great Friday!



  1. woooooooo urban decay is going to be MINE!

  2. To cool! Thanks for the info!

  3. Scrangie and No More War are the only two RBL colors I've bought, but man they're fantastic! I'm glad people will be able to buy them again.

  4. I have to have the urban decay set now....thanks for the info!:) I nominated you for the I ♥ your blog award. check it out here:

  5. Thanks for sharing the sweepstakes info! We hope to see an entry from you too. :)

  6. $61! I can't believe the people who give in to those prices. No polish is worth that.