Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

I got up early enough this morning to do my nails, which I don't normally do! I'm no morning person but the modivation sure kicks in when it comes to polish! I started painting and then realized it was Earth Day! I was not using a green at the time of this discovery. I was using Zoya-Dita. But I kept going because I really wanted to see her on. Looks nice!

I'm loving it! It's punchy and bright... a great berry-ish color. The application was wonderful. I've been getting more into creams lately. Most of my polishes so far have been shimmers and metallics. I've been worried about my application skills when it comes to creams. I had Color Club-Oooooo La La the last couple days and LOVE it. However, after 3 coats I still had some bald spots, and it seems to me other ladies can make it even in 3. I have to practice I guess! Or maybe use a base coat...

As a nod to my recent violin performance (last saturday) I added some musical Konad to the mani:

I stamped OPI-Lincoln Park After Dark with Konad plates M22 and M73. My instructor was into it! He also said his girlfriend liked my nails and toes at the recital! I was sooo excited they were noticed, and complimented!

And to redeem myself for Earth Day blunder, I stopped by a Walgreen's on the way to work and picked up Sinful Colors - Show Me The Way:

I can't wait to use it! I've been trying scoop more greens (it's my favorite color) but they always elude me. We must be green starved, because whenever they come along, they sell out fast. I went to 2 drugstores yesterday just looking for this one with no luck. I can't find Orly-Mint Mojito, it's out of stock on head2toebeauty. It's scary!

There are so many great colors to get in current spring and summer collections my head hurts from thinking about them. I want so much, yet I know I buy faster than I wear, and am trying to tone it down a bit. I have to wear and be happy with what I have first! But I am a major list writer so I wrote (or typed in a spreadsheet!) all the colors I'm lusting to get. It's gross. I hit 105! And I am quite sure I need them all! I don't know if I can whittle this wish list down! Does anyone else have so many nail wishes?


  1. I'm loving the konad you did! It looks very pretty! I do my mom's and my sister's nails with the konad and they tell me all the time how they are noticed.

    The sinful you got is a great green color, I really like it!

    Welcome to blogging, I look forward to your posts :)

  2. Very cool!
    Welcome to the blogging world!! :)

  3. Show me the way is a polish I really want to get, it's very beautiful!

  4. Alexlyndra, I couldn't wait to get it! I love greens and it's one of my favorites. and only $2!!