Thursday, April 16, 2009

First Post/First Konadicure

Hello! I have always been pretty into unique polish and doing my nails, however, it wasn't until this past month I discovered how much bigger a world of nail polish there was, and how many polish blogging ladies there were! And how I never knew about holos, and Misa, and Color Club, and Konad and Scrangie and head2toebeauty and Steph's Closet and the Polish Addict.... whoa. My mind has been blown with polish! And it's led my to buy tons and tons of polish and Konad stamps! And it's led me to thinking about polish a fair amount of my day. And so I thought I'd get it all out of my system with my own blog, Lacquer Laine. It's a bit of a play on words... Elaine is my first name, so... ya know. That's that story.

The first photos I wanted to publish include two colors from The China Glaze Romantique collection. It's also the first actual Konadicure I did and kept on for more than an hour. (Cuz it was the first one that looked decent!) I have (although getting better!) an issue with lining up my stamper properly. The good thing about the design I chose was that even if the floweres were off center, I could just grab a couple more and fill in where it was sparse, and the randomness worked out well. So here it is:

The base is Harmony and the stamps are Cherish (the green one) and I used Konad plate M2. The Romantique collection is very pretty by the way, and probably the first I've seen that are opaque in one coat. It makes them excellent to use with the Konad system, if the metallic alone is a bit much.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Hi ll, I was going to send you an email (I clicked on your envelope above), but it asked me for your email address! lol... I was just wondering if you have (or will be adding) an RSS feed to follow your blog with?

  2. MrsKiwiYeti- I added my email to the page and I think an RSS feed. Let me know how it works out!