Thursday, April 23, 2009

Essie Neons and Others

Today's post is featuring all Essie swatches. Yesterday I went out to scoop up some of the new Essie Neons!! I love them! I passed on the purple because I have a neon purple, and I only got one pink because they seemed close enough that I figured I could live with just one! Even though they were both very pretty, I chose Flirty Fuchsia. I knew for sure I needed Funky Limelight! I love it!

Funky Limelight is awesome. I was scared to buy it because The Nailphile said it took 7 seven coats! But I gave in when I saw Scrangie said she did it in three. I ended up with 4. Probably could have made it in three if I was a bit more careful. I love it no matter how many it takes though! It's so bright! When I left the store yesterday it was dark out, and I had put a bit on a card to see what it looked like, and in the car, from just the little bit of light outside I could see it!! The glow is crazy!
Flirth Fuchsia is gorgeous as well. I actually probably could have got away with 2 coats for this one. (I love 2 coaters!) But ended up with three. I was trying to swatch quickly.

Next up is Mesmerize. I know this is not even close to being new, but it is for me! I just picked it up yesterday too. I resisted buying it when it came out for some reason. Maybe because Essie has always seemed to be pinks and reds and then when they threw this in I felt like it was too late! But they got their game right now! It is a great blue, and I got her on in 2 coats.

Next up is my lovely friend, Sag Harbor. A gorgeous medium gray with just a smidge of shimmer. I have this one on for the day. I love it!

And I bet you're wondering what the heck this is! It's Greenport... mostly. When my Greenport arrived I was terribly upset with it. This is because I really didn't find it to be very green. To me it looked exactly like China Glaze-For Audrey. Now, that color is one of my faves, but I didn't want two of them! I wanted GREEN!!! So I immediately frankened it. Yup. instantly. I felt bad about doing it to a brand new bottle, but I got over it. I poured out about a quarter and and added Rimmel-Camouflage. And it looks great! It's no longer a creme as it has gold shimmer in it, but that is not bad! It has now been dubbed New Greenport AKA Filthy Rich.


  1. I love me some neons!!

    I'm liking your filthy rich, great name!

  2. ahhh i really like the last two!! i desperately need them :(

  3. Wow, I love those neons! Escpecially Funky Limelight.

  4. Beautiful colors. Look pretty on you. The only one I have is Mesmerize. I have to order the rest.

  5. So funny what a brave girl, filthy rich looks real good

  6. Preposterously - You gotta get sag harbor, and my green franken was easy to make....

    Mary, Lucy - Thank you! :c)

    Nora- Thanks! I felt pretty scared!