Wednesday, August 19, 2009

All The Way From Israel

Check out what the lovely Tuli (author of Tuli's Nail Polish & stuff) sent me from Israel!! These are beautiful! Above: Perfect CHIC - 314, Revlon, Autumn Berry, unnamed purple/gold glitter, unnamed gold/green glitter

Perfect CHIC - 314 ... This color rocks! That's about it!! It is a super smooth, easy to apply bright pinkish red creme. This swatch DOES NOT have a top coat on! GORGEOUS! I have big plans for this in the Illamasqua Alter Ego nail art contest.

Revlon - Autumn Berry ... This shade is a warm blackberry color with gold shimmer!! So my style! I love it!

These unnamed polishes crack me up! I am used to nameless colors, but no brand? How awesomely bizarre! The above shots are in sun, then shade, of a smooth, fine particle silver/gold/lavender glitter! It's so unique! I love this and I decided to name it Tuli, since it is sweet like her!

This one. Oh man. This one. This color was made for me. I don't know why it would be made and then put on rack in a store in Israel, so far from me, but it was made for me. GOLD AND GREEN? GLITTER??!!! It is unreal how much I love this. Tuli posted about this color here, and I commented that I loved it so she sent me one! It came from a shop that apparently makes their own glitter colors. Well they do a damn fine job! Tuli says it reminds her of diamonds, martinis, and cocktail parties! I think it reminds me of sunken gold treasure found in the Carribean! SO I am calling this Sunken Treasure. This has different shaped gold glitter and I think silver glitter too, and has this incredible seafoam green color. It is so beautiful. I will treasure this baby forever, Tuli!!


  1. These are all so pretty, I love the last one you swatched!

  2. Awesome polishes, it's so sweet you named the other glitter for Tuli :) I can't wait to see your entry!

  3. :-) so nice to see israeli polish in your blog LOL
    so nice of Tuli to send you all these gorgeous colors!
    these are all great! local stores mixing their own polish (mostly glitters) are quite common here, only today been in that kind of shop (and decided I want to live there and never get out). the chic polish is awsome, and looks so good on you! they got some great shades of red.

  4. That is so cool! Tuli's very sweet :) That last polish is my favorite too and I'm not a gold fan, but that is just FREAKING AWESOME. I can't imagine finding that in a store, I'd be stuck there for hours staring at their mixtures!

  5. Those are some gorgeous colours! Thanks so much for the swatches!! ~

  6. Ohhh sorry for being late ! I'm so glad you loved them all and this green sure looks gorgeous on you !

    When I'll be in this store again, I'll see if they have more good glitters for you :-)


  7. That's so nice of her! Is the Revlon polishes scented? :)

  8. gildedangel - Thank you! That one is my fave!

    Kae - Thank you! I hope to get all my entries up soon!

    Inbal - I'm sure you are! I am glad to show them! It is so awesome that you have access to custom glitter shops! I wish I did!

    Nicole - She sure is sweet! I love this one soooo much! I would be stuck too!!

    Valz - Thank you and you're welcome!

    Tuli - Better late than never! Thank you again! I love them sooo much! I would die to see more!

    Alexlyndra - No, it's not scented! I never even thought of it! That would be great! It does have "berry" right in the name! They should of went ahead and done it!

  9. I discovered Perfect Chic nail polish when I was living in Israel and it is truly the BEST polish I have ever used (and I've tried a lot). One coat does the trick. Even when I put one coat of a very light colour over a bright red, it completely covered it. It lasts for ages, doesn't chip and also, it doesn't go gloopy in the bottle. My only problem now is trying to track it down now that I'm in the UK.

  10. Hi! Couldn't leave without making a comment :)
    I absolutely love CHIC nail polishes. Anonymous, you're right in your previous comment - they are some of the best nail polishes out there. And I also can't find them here in Canada, buy them every time I go to Israel. I have this color #314, really like it. And by coincidence I'm wearing right now CHIC color 286 Catch a Bride!

    Thanks for posting these :))