Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lay it On Me!!

Hello everyone! I have a fun post today! It's a 3-layer polish called Lay It On Me. Are you excited yet? In the photo above I have: Lima, 3rd Dimension, Singapore, Vegas

Lima - Baby blue, then bright, light pink, and then lavender. If I didn't go doing a third coat you would have seen some nice pink streaks on at least the ring finger, but I did, so I covered it up. You can see little bits of purple best on the middle finger.

3rd Dimension - Neon purple, then black and then bright teal. This comes out as a very mixed mix(?) of the first two layers. It gives a deep black purple that dries matte thanks to the neon! However, it makes me think that if that is what I wanted, I could just mix neon purple and black together! But if you look close you can see the streaky properties. I wish that there were distinct bits of teal throughout. That would look amazing.

Singapore - This screamed "America" to me, and turned me on to it, but it's named Singapore! Ha! I do like all the names of these, by the way. This is red with glitter, then an off-white, and then blue with glitter. It mostly comes out red, but you can see some white on the ring finger. It would have had more if I didn't do the second coat.

Vegas - Neon city! Neon pink, blue and purple. You can see the purple streaks best with this one, on the ring finger. Click the pic for the enlarged size to really see it well! Plus I love the look of the pink with the blue added to it. Not as neon as the bottle looks, but still bright and punchy. I looove this one.

So these are pretty cool! I think that the trick to getting the most streak though, is to get the brush in as far as possible, which would mean screwing it down every dip. Sounds like a pain, but the streaky-est (that sounds like a bad thing!) nails were the ones that were painted first, since those got a fresh dippin' from all the way at the bottom. Also, I bet that you would get more mix of colors after using it for a while, because if you see the top color the most, and then you use all that color, then you are going to be left with the other two. There is no way around it. Maybe if I have lots of time to fiddle around, I'll do a ton of manis with one of them and see if I can use it down to get the other colors. Experiment time!!

I found these at Meijer, but I believe they are available at drugstores. Also you can get the Claire's version (Mixables) at Claire's. I know for sure I have seen their version of 3rd Dimension and it looks the same.

On an unrelated note, my blog will be quiet for a while since I have friends flying in today and tomorrow for Lollapalooza this weekend. (yes!) So I will not have time for posts. :c(
But I have more (lots!) to come and will be up and running next week!!


  1. Great colors! I have America (Claire's Singapore version) and I like how yours turned out way better. Mine was like a light coral with no sparkles.
    You are going to LALA???!!! I am so jealous! My sis is volunteering so she gets in for free on Fri night! Can you post pics? Can you even bring a camera?! Have tons of fun!

  2. Nessa - I am glad you like them!! I can't believe your sis gets in for free! What??!! I will absolutely post pics. My girlfriend and I have gone the past two years and take hundreds of pictures!! They let you bring them which is super cool! I HHHHAAATE when you can't bring cameras to shows. I always do anyway! hehe

  3. Wow, they are crazy looking, but so fun!
    I really like the blue one.

    Have a great time!

  4. LOVING Singapore!

    Keep a look out in your mailbox - Santa might being coming a little bit early - heheheheehehe!

  5. I always eye these ones at Claires and I never get any. I must get them eventually! 3rd Dimension is really cool, the colors actually mix together!

  6. I've seen these before but now swatched. How cool is that?! I love it, such a cool idea!

  7. Helen - They are crazy looking!!! I love the blue one too! Thank you!

    Brooke- What?!! you are amazing! I can't wait!

    Kae - I have seen them so much too and never got them. I finally caved! I love em.

    Alexlyndra - SO COOL!!! I love them!

  8. Shame you can't get more of all the layers on your nails. I love all the colors. Especially the second.

  9. Awesome! Please post! I hope you don't get stuck in the rain, it's supposed to pour today. I really wanted to see Tool, I just recently discovered I loved them. Have fun!

  10. This is so cool! Love the resulting colors.

  11. I'm from Singapore *really!*
    & i love how that polish with my country's namesake looks!!

  12. Hi I am desperately trying to find these! can you help me? I do not have a Meijer near me and their website does not even have nail polishes on them. Could you get a few for me? I would be willing to pay 3x the value or can a buy a shade from you?

  13. I am trying to find this nail polish does anyone know ware it is sold ??