Friday, August 28, 2009

Sinful Colors - Glitters

Happy Friday! Today is the last installment of my Sinful Color Swatches! I really am loving my Sinfuls. And I saved the best for last: GLITTER! My fave.

I Love You - Purple jelly with fine purple glitter. This reminded me of another purple jelly with purple glitter polish: Milani - Totally Cool so thought I would do a comparison:

Totally Cool is on the thumb and pinky and I Love You is on the rest. Totally Cool is obviously much bluer. Sinful also has a similar polish called Daddy's Girl and that one is close to Totally Cool but may be even bluer and a bit brighter.

Call You Later - This gold and green glitter in a clear base. It is has small round gold glitter, larger hexagonal green glitter, and even larger and darker green hex glitter. AWESOME. I love the mix of different shaped and sized glitter. And green and gold together? Must be mine!

All About You - Small orange hex glitter and irregular shaped, flakie gold glitter. Very pretty and I love the name!

Here is both Call You Later and All About You layered over HD Nails.

SO what do you think? Pretty awesome, right?!


  1. Very awesome, I love SC glitters!

  2. I love these, in fact I went hunting for them but my walgreens was cleaned out of all the new glitters ;(

    I love them layered sooo pretty!

  3. Call You later and All About You are so pretty and so great layered! I just don't think you can go wrong when it comes to flakies :)

  4. I love their glitters! So much fun. They look great layered, and they are so packed with goodies! I think my favorite from this bunch is Call You Later.

  5. What a fun glitter polishes ! I loved the first one the best, but I know green and gold are :-) lol...

  6. I'mvso glad you swatched these. I just got them and didn't know what they looked like. I love glittahs as Brooke says. The purple is really nice and closely packed.

  7. gildedangel - ME TOO!!

    Kae - Oh no!! I hope you find them soon!

    beautyjudy - I don't think you can go wrong with flakies either!

    Nicole - I loooove Call You Later! I love it on it's own so much. I don't even think it needs to be layered.

    tuli - HAHA! You know it! I do love the purple on though too.

    Lucy - I'm glad that you like the swatches!! The purple is gorgeous! It is nice and jelly and bright! and you can't go wrong with "glittah"!!!