Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sinful Colors - HD Nails

So I said after my last Sinful post I wouldn't have more... well I lied! I have THREE more posts to do for you! Today is the first, and I am calling these "The Hi-Def Collection". They aren't really part of a hi-def collection, I just thought of grouping them as such for myself since they all have this glow to them and they really pop! Here they are:

HD Nails - This one started the hi-def idea thanks to the name. It is a perfect green. It makes me think of Piggy Polish - Lily's Pad. I call this one "Froggy Green".

Let's Talk - This is a very bright, glowy purple. It is very pigmented and almost makes it in one coat. Very unusual for Sinful's, I know! It reminds me of a beloved Sinful I have had forever, Fiji, that is so sheer that it always takes 4 coats no matter how hard I try. Let's Talk has trumped Fiji as my go to purple, no doubt about it. It is hott!

Canary Yellow - Straight forward name. Perfect. Glowy bold yellow shimmer. Very nice.

Midnight Blue - I love this!! Another one that glows crazy. Royal blue shimmer. I wore this one all weekend until someone came begging to be worn (cough*scrangie*cough). I loooove it!

I would like to say in defense of Sinful Colors, a few things. First, Sinful Colors have a tendency to be sheer. Well, all of these, as well as the rest I have shown you and plan to show you, are not. Every one of these swatches was 2 coats. And they were not 2 thick, globby coats either. They were regular ol' coats. Second, Sinful has been known to have a problem with drying. I know San Franciso took a day and a half even with Seche Vite. Well, I wore Midnight Blue to test this, and I can report that not only did it dry well on its own, but with Seche Vite it was unstoppable. I was in a major rush trying to get to a hair appointment after I painted my nails. I slapped on my Seche and waiting as long as I could, which was not long at all, and proceeded to get dressed. I was digging through purses trying to find things, smashing my nails on everything and I had not. one. ding. It was truly remarkable. So if you are worried about these issues, I say fear no more! It looks like Sinful Colors is upping their game, and that is awesome. I love them already, but now there is more to love. They cost about $2 and you can find a ridiculously wide color selection just about everywhere and now to know the formula is on top... Well that is good s*it.


  1. I love Sinful Colors! Great swatches! *waving* Hi, by the way! I'm Judy from BeautyJudy. I've seen your blog on some of the other blogs I follow and decided to come say hi and check you out. I definitely plan on adding you to my blog roll! Thanks!!!

  2. I love that yellow, I might have to look into that!

  3. Ooh, I have two of these four! Win! Haha. I love Sinful colors too, as you know. I didn't see the green or the blue when I went on my craze of hunting down the glitters, but I'll be going back on the hunt for them. I love all your swatches! Thank you for the whole post, I'm glad you wrote this!

  4. I adore Sinful. I haven't had any issues with their drying as I have with the wear. San Francisco holds up nice but What's Your Name chipped all to hell a couple of hours after applying.
    This does not dissuade me though. Great colors at an unbelievably good price!

  5. Hope I'll be able to get them on Cherry Culture. I've been drooling over these Sinfuls ever since I first saw them.

  6. I don't own any sinful polish, but I loved every swatch of it that I saw. they got some great glitters too... thank you for tht swatches and info!

  7. That's interesting you had issues with San Fran. I threw on two coats and a coat of Seche and was ready in 10 minutes.

  8. I love Sinful Colors. This past week I got a bunch of neons and 4 glitters. I haven't worn them yet. I have so many new things to wear. I got the Essie Matte About You yesterday. I'm anxious to try it. Thanks for the lovely photos. I'm sure I have some of these. I'm too lazy to get up and get my book to see if I do.

  9. beautyjudy - HI!!! Thank you!

    gildedangel - Thank you! It is a great yellow. I just loaned it to a friend for her vacation to Florida! It's a great bright, bold color.

    Nicole - You are welcome! I'm glad you like it! Go on the hunt!

    Mighty Lambchop - Hello! Adore the color range! I don't recall What's your name chipping on me. I don't have it anymore though. I don't think I kept it on long because it was too black. You couldn't see the glitter/shimmer at all.

    nihrida - I hope you can too! They are great. I have seen a few on Cherry Culture.

    Inbal - You are welcome! Do you have Sinful near you?

    KrystalBall - Maybe it was just mine. Maybe since it's older if I get a new bottle the formula may be better. Something to buy!

    Lucy - You will love Matte About You! It is wonderful!!!!!! I have so much to wear too! It's crazy!