Monday, August 3, 2009

Several Revlon Runway Collection Designs

I had some new Revlon Runway Collection artificial nails to show you. Since I had 5 new designs besides the style I showed here, I thought "5 nails, 5 fingers... Skittle time!"

Minx - Isn't this pretty?! It's a white tip with black stripes and sliver glitter line

Mystic - Garnet tip with black line and white dots with rhinestone. I love Mystic because not every nail has a rhinestone. Only the "middle finger" sizes, in the whole sizes. So like, 7, 6 and 5 maybe. It makes for a cool look with just a few stones. I really like this one.

Starlet - This is a very pretty sliver glitter french tip

Sateen - I think this one may be my fave!! Pink metallic tip with flowers and a black glitter line and red double line!! Love it!

Studio - Silver funky french with thin black stripes.

I wrote in the last post that I had an issue with the sizing, and the removal.

For the sizing, there are only 2 of every size, 1-9 with 5.5, 6.5 and 7.5. I did 2 on the thumb, 9 on the pinky, and for the middles, I used what fit best, with the largest on the middle, the next size on the first finger, and the smallest on the ring finger. I believe it went, 5.5, 6, 6.5, or 5.5, 6.5, 7? I really don't remember. But using the largest on the middle and smallest on the ring gave the best look.

The sizing gripe I can get over, but one thing I must say is that I wish that the removal directions said to use 100% acetone. Instead they say "soak in acetone nail polish remover". That to me signifies that the remover I use daily to remove polish is good enough to remove fake nails, and it is not!!! I tried. FAIL. I then tried a nail remover tub with scrubby brushes to help the remover, and that was better, but still took a while, as it was not 100% acetone. I then accidentally spilled the tub, so i refilled it with 100% acetone I picked up at Sally's Beauty Supply and it was miraculous how quickly those things and the glue came off! Couple minutes and they were seriously melted. Just as the box said they would. I have no fears of using these thanks to 100% acetone. Good s*it.

And one more gripe, actually, if I may: I wish that it didn't say to use so much glue. The directions say to use glue on the natural nail and also the artificial nail. Don't do it. That is too much glue and it gets everywhere. Just use on one or the other, but do make sure to cover completely so that you have no air pockets. If you use a thin layer, but spread it all over before you press down, that should work best.

Now that I know they can come off so easily, I'd say they are good for a night or for a whole week. I wore them for a whole week. They stay on that long. Maybe longer if you wanted. It didn't seem like they wanted to go anywhere!

Which designs do you like? Would you give them a try?

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  1. This is soo great!! I was thinking about getting some. hmm.. I really like Minx and studio! I need to find these around here! haha :)

  2. I like Sateen and Studio a lot, I have Studio while have to give that one a go, but really really love the look of Sateen on you.

  3. These are gorgeous! My favorite is Sateen. I have never been a fan of artifical nails, but I may have to try these out!

  4. I should have done a skittelz too! I am glad you did these in the sunshine and got good photos, because the weather is not co-operating with me = no sunshine. They look great!

    Also ~ AWESOME frankens (previous post )

  5. They are fantastic. I agree with gildedangel - Sateen is very pretty and looks great on you!

  6. gracie - ohhh yeah!! Thanks!

    Aquaheart - I hope you find them! :c)

    clockwork - Thank you so much! Sateen is definitely my fave!

    gildedangel - They are gorgeous and I recommend you try them!

    Deez Nailz - Nah, I like you full set swatches! They look awesome!!

    Danielle - Thank you! I may have to do a post of just Sateen for you guys!!

  7. thanks for the review :-)
    I'm not into fake nails, since I like my own natural nails and choice of colors, but these looks really special.

    I also left a comment on your gorgeous franken collection :-)

  8. I've never seen these presented as skittles before. Genius! I like how simple it is to compare them. Starlet and Sateen are my favorites.

  9. Inbal - You are very welcome! I feel you on the real nails, but these are pretty damn pretty!

    paintedladyfingers - Haha! I loved doing the 'skittles' for convenience but I never thought to call in 'genius'!! Thank you!!

  10. I like them as skittles! Cute. They are such amazing designs. If I had to wear fakes I would definitely buy these.

  11. I like the mystic one. I am a huge fan of any shade of red. ;)