Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sinful colors - Shimmers

Hello! Today I have more Sinful Colors swatches to share! These are all the new shimmers that I bought:

Merlot - This is a deep red shimmer. I think the name is misleading because I wouldn't call this a "wine" color. Just a dark red.

Wicked Mind - My bottle is labeled "Wicket Mind" but I am going to assume they meant "Wicked". "Wicket" is not a word. (Wicket is a word! I looked it up before and didn't get anything and I must have spelled it wrong -


1. a window or opening, often closed by a grating or the like, as in a door, or forming a place of communication in a ticket office, a teller's cage in a bank, etc.
2. Croquet. a hoop or arch.

So maybe this is supposed to be "Wicket Mind" after all. I don't know. Sorry for the rant!) Anyway, this is a mauve creme with a subtle silver shimmer. It is very pigmented. I can't really explain why I was attracted to this one. It is so unlike colors that I usually buy. Maybe that is why. I like it.

Social Ladder - This is a very very pretty soft white shimmer that is has a hint of pink. I may have done three coats for this one. I really don't remember. I think this one is worth it though. It is delicate, but not boring at all. It is gorgeous.

Night at The Barbados - Another goofy name. I am assuming it should be "Night At Barbados", but maybe not. Maybe The Barbados is a club or something. Anyway, this is a very cool, icy blue shimmer.

See You Soon - Black-blue base with deep blue shimmer. Pretty as heck!

Stay tuned for the final installment of these new Sinfuls tomorrow!


  1. I like Wicked Mind and See You Later! The Night at the Barbados is cool too (yeah, weird names LOL) Funny, one of my good friends has a cat named "Wicket." I have no idea where that came from! But she has a stub instead of a tail, so for some reason it suits her :)

  2. I never wear stuff like that, but I am quite attracted to Social Ladder - and your swatch makes me want it more. Haha, Sinful is so cheap, I'll get it of course! I really really like Wicked Mind. How strange haha. I'm also not generally attracted to colors like that - I haven't seen that one in my stores, I'll probably have to hunt for it! I've also not seen Night at the Barbados. I want it!
    Okay, so three more to look for. :P

  3. See you soon is gorgeous! WOW!

  4. your nails are simply DIVINE!! can i just say that i love their shape and length? cuz i do :D

    and these colors are adorable, i love the last one :)

  5. Wicket is a word. It has to do with the games of cricket and croquet.

  6. I love Night at the Barbados!

  7. I picked up See You Soon last week, not realizing it was new. I wore it on my toes when my friends and I went to a water park and it didn't chip at all, even though I had forgotten top coat! I think I'm in love!

  8. I just bought See You Soon. That's really pretty. Sort of reminds me of the Lippmann shade. I also like the Merlot. That's very pretty on you. I had to enlarge all the pictures to see the glitter.

  9. beautyjudy - What a great name for a cat! Glad you like the shades!

    Nicole - Social Ladder is very pretty! You should totally get it! I got Wicked Mind and Night at the Barbados at Meijer. I haven't seen either of these at Walgreen's yet..

    nihrida - It's super hott!

    kelliegonzo - THANK YOU! I had to chop them soon after these swatches tho!! :c( Got to long to play the violin!

    lexitarian - Thank you! I looked it up and edited my post to reflect it. I looked it up before i posted this and didn't find anything, so i must have spelled it wrong.

    gildedangel - ME TOO!

    Amy - These Sinfuls are amazing, aren't they?!

    Lucy - It reminds me of the Lippmann Shade. I did a comparison swatch actually and plan to post it soon. I think this one may be a bit prettier...