Thursday, August 13, 2009

Some Savina Swatches

Marine Life, After Midnight, Ruby, Black Pearl

I went for a stroll into Nordstrom Rack one day to look for nail polish. The reasoning being that if Lippmann Collection, as well as other higher end lacquers are sold at Nordstrom, maybe they will be at Nordstrom Rack on sale. Well, I was wrong, but I found a brand I had never seen before: Savina. Most of the polishes were reminiscent of colors I have already seen. Marine Life above looked to me like China Glaze - Custom Kicks, Ruby looks exactly like China Glaze - Ruby Pumps, and so on. There was also a bright purple neon called Dream that looked just like Sinful Colors - Dream On. AND the bottles are the same as China Glaze except for that wavy little thing going on on the handle. Regardless, I bought some.

Marine Life - A bright blue-green creme that surprisingly, dried matte! Who would have thunk? Not me. I mean, it looked bright but certainly not neon. I went ahead and slapped on a topcoat so you could see it shiny!

After Midnight - Dark blue shimmer. I bought this because I do not own any navy polishes!! I think I had this notion that I didn't like them on myself. I was wrong!! I love this.

Ruby - Bright Red glitter. Seriously, this looks an awful lot like China Glaze - Ruby Pumps. Not the worst thing ever!! Who doesn't like a red glitter?!

Black Pearl - Grayed purple-blue with a green-blue duochrome. This one, at least, did not remind me of any other color. Big fan of this one. Hence why I saved it for last! The girl who checked me out said she had it and loved it and gets compliments on it all the time. I can see why... it's stunning!


  1. Marine Life reminds me of an Icing polish I got! I've never seen this brand before either. Great color choices, and your favorite is also my favorite :)

  2. I love that light blue! You picked out some great colors!!!

  3. Marine Life has such a cool looking matte finish. Nice colors all of them. Navy polishes are my favorite vampy color. This one look great on you.

  4. I've never heard of this brand before. They really do look like China Glaze polishes. Love all the colors. Especially the navy blue. Ruby does look like Ruby Pumps. I also love Marine Life. I wouldn't think that it was a matte. Looks pretty with the top coat. Black Pearl is also pretty. They all look fantastic on you.

  5. Oh wow, these ones are really very pretty, Marine Life. What a surprise with that one. I like it both matte and with top coat added.

  6. Marine Life - I have a crush on it!

  7. What a great find, wish we had a Nordstroms here haha. I like Marine Life a lot! Were they expensive?

  8. Nicole - I never saw these before either. Very elusive. I couldn't even find anything online about them.
    Great minds think alike!

    gildedangel - thank you!

    Velvet - I like the matte too! Thank you for saying this looks good on me! I was worried

    Lucy - Don't they? All I could think about was China Glaze when I saw them. Thank you!

    clockwork - It's a surpriser, that marine life!! But i think that is a good thing!

    Alexlyndra - HAHA!! It's a good one!

    Kae - No there weren't expensive... about $4

  9. LOL, quelle coincidence! I have all of those except Marine Life ... which I will definitely be on the lookout for now! Savina certainly has some great colours at times. :)