Monday, August 24, 2009

RBL - Scrangie

My nail of the day today (and yesterday, and probably tomorrow!) is Scrangie by Rescue Beauty Lounge. This is a medium to dark purple creme packed with a green iridescent shimmer. It is quite a beauty! I love it. It came to me much darker that I expected. All the pictures I had seen seemed lighter and so it was not completely what I expected, but not in a bad way! It is beautiful. It was created by fellow blogger Scrangie of Not that I have to tell you! If you read polish blogs, you read Scrangie. Her nails and pictures and polishes are incredible and I just love her writing. It is excellent, thoughtful, informative, to the point and funny! I never miss a post and I read them in they're entirety.

Scrangie the polish is part of a collection of blogger inspired colors which also includes Orbis Non Sufficit by Stephanie of The Polish Addict, and Mismas by Michelle of All Lacquered Up. I am so amazed at these beauties and the women behind them. It is so incredible that they had this opportunity and it is inspiring. I often dream of developing my own polishes! Who doesn't?! These polishes are more than just pretty bottles to add to my collection. They truly are an inspiration and it makes me proud to wear them.

Here's a couple bottle shots of Scrangie the polish:

At an angle you can see the base color of this rich purple. Don't let the shimmer fool you, it is on the darker side.

But straight on you can see all the amazing green shimmer!

Scrangie, Orbis Non Sufficit and Mismas can be purchased at Rescue Beauty Lounge and retail for $18.


  1. Well, I guess this means since they're actually released now I need to make up my mind before they all sell out! Looks gorgeous =)

  2. I really really really really (etc.) want this one, but $18??
    How many coats is this? (not that it would deter me from buying it in the least :) )

  3. Colette - Thank you! I think this one for sure is a must have!

    Nessa - I know! I hate that these go for so much but I had to have it!! This picture is 2 coats.

  4. Scrangie looks great on you! (this sounds a bit kinky, isn't it?) this is 18$ well spend!!!

  5. I love it!!!
    have it on right now, and can't stop looking at my nails!

  6. It's interesting to see how dark the base is. The green shimmer makes it read far lighter on the nail. The base color is much clearer in the bottle shots. I will have to place a blogger trio order very soon! It's definitely a color I would want to wear for days too!

    I added you to my blogroll. :)

  7. I agree entirely with your post! This polish is amazing. I got my three also. I just kept turning the bottle around and looking at the shimmer. It's amazing. I will be wearing this next.

  8. What an amazing color ! That shimmer is gorgeous !!

  9. Pinkginger - It really is! I had it on for 3 days! That is quite a lot for me!

    Inbal - Thank you and LOL!!!! :c)

    cmp381 - HAHA! I couldn't stop staring at it either! Very beautiful.

    gildedangel - it sure is!

    paintedladyfingers - The base is definitely much darker than i had anticipated.

    Thank you for the add!! :c)

    Lucy- It is soooo amazing! I love it a lot! Not one complaint!

    tuli - It's out of this world! The shimmer is intense!