Sunday, August 16, 2009

BB Couture Swatches

Hello Everyone!! I finally got my hands on some BB Coutures and I wanted to of course share them with you!! They are amazing!! As I have heard, the customer service is incredible. Kim Snyder herself emailed me to say that my order had shipped and to let her know when they arrived. How awesome!! AND they do free shipping over $50! I don't know about you, but I loooove to skip out on shipping!! So here they are:

Little Douce Coupe - (Sun and Shade) - This is a dreamy semi-pastel yellow that is awsome. I guess you could call it banana? It applied nicely in two coats, which I didn't expect. The only nail in the swatch that needed three was the index, and that was just because of some ridges in my nail. Isn't it incredible?! I love the way this looks on my nails. They look like they are fake. In a good way. They just pop. This color belongs to the Hot Rod collection including 5 other shades and is limited edition. There are only 100 bottles of each color. I just went on the website however to see if it was still available and it didn't let me add it to my cart, but it didn't let me add anything else to my cart either, so I don't know if it is out of stock. The site may be having issues. You may have to email your order in.

Green Goblin - (Sun and Shade) - This is a deep green creme that is not so dark it is black. It looks green. It is perfect. I loooove this shade and the application was phenomenal. This swatch is two coats.

Poison Ivy - Ahh! Look at this! How beautiful!! It is so smooth and stunning. This doesn't even have a top coat and it is amazingly shiny. This is a green creme that is about the color of grass or leaves. It is not dark, but not bright. It is very obviously green. I love it. 2 coats.

Since we have so many dark green cremes releasing currently, I though I would do a comparison of a couple that I have to help us out:

BB Couture - Poison Ivy, BB Couture - Green Goblin, Orly - Enchanted Forest, Zoya - Envy

(Sun and Shade) - Index - Poison Ivy, Middle - Green Goblin, Ring - Enchanted Forest, Pinky - Envy
Enchanted Forest and Green Goblin are the closest, but Enchanted Forest is more blueish, grayish. And Envy has a slight shimmer (very very slight) and is much darker, but in her defense, she is not as black as these pics depict, I promise. For some reason when colors are so dark the digital just blackens them some more. She is clearly green.

Okay, more BB's!

Sea of Cortez - (Sun and Shade) - This is a gorgous light blue jelly with blue and silver glitter. This is hot! It needs 3 coats to get the bottle color, but that is just because of the jelly nature. It is incredible on.

Moon Over Manhattan - This may be flying to the top of my faves list. This is dark gray-blue creme that is glass flecked. And check out that close up. There are this little black circle particles that I just love and sends this over the top for me. Like little pebbles. I really appreciate the microscopic properties of polish if you hadn't noticed! This color is incredible. I love the shade, I love the shimmer, I love the name... must have.

Hermosa Surfer Girl - This color is insane. It makes me want to be a surfer girl. This is a hot pink with multi-colored, iridescent gltter. It is packed with glitter. I had a friend over when I received this package and this one was the first we swatched and we were squealing with delight over it. Check out the bottle shot:


BB Coutures can be purchased at Overall and retail for $9. They are beautiful and have an easy to apply, smooth formula. My only gripe is that the brush is small. It may be good for some with little nails though. I hear they are changing the bottles, however, so that may mean new brushes as well.
What do you think? I think you should get some!!


  1. Poison Ivy is to die for! Thank you for swatching and sharing!

  2. I love Moon Over Manhatten, one of my favorites. Kim is fantastic, a very nice person. I'm glad you love them :)

  3. I have Poison Ivy, Green Goblin and Moon Over Manhattan( along with 15 other colours) and I love them all!Kim is a GREAT person, shopping from her is the best shopping experience I had!

  4. I don't own any BB coutures, everyone always raves about them! I really like the yellow one it's so banana buttery :)

  5. Isn't Kim great? I have Sea of Cortez,but I ordered Hermosa Surfer Girl I can't wait to try it.Thanks for posting these!

  6. I just ordered Moon Over Manhattan. I couldn't believe I didn't have this beauty. I also ordered the men's collection. Can't wait to see them. You ordered my favorite polish of all time Poison Ivy. I don't even like wearing that color of clothing! I love the polish and it looks fantastic on. I have all of the ones you have. They all look beautiful on you. Kim is a darling. Isn't it nice to have an actual business owner to personally email you?

  7. Thanks for the timely swatches, I've been wanting to place an order, but couldn't make up my mind what to get. Thanks for helping me figure it out. :)

  8. I'd die for a banana coloured polish!