Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Nubar Prisms Swatches and Review

Hello all! I know I already posted these, but something was wrong with the coding that caused the post to disappear. Well, just the pics and pretty much my entire review. It must have been fine for at least a little while since you guys were able to see it and leave comments. I don't know. I am just going to post everything again. The original is still there so that I didn't delete the comments.

Prisms Collection

Inspired by the colorful play of light through a prism, those bands of light and color are embodied in nubar’s Prisms Collection. Each shade in the Prism Collection is filled with holographic glitter reflecting every color of the rainbow, with base colors just as varied, ranging from subtle neutrals to vivid pink to pale blue. Going a step beyond holographic nail lacquers, nubar’s Prism Collection is a celebration of color and light. As all nubar products, they are free of formaldehyde, phthalates, and toluene, as well as vegan and cruelty free.

Half of Nubar Prisms have a shimmer type holographic effect making them very smooth and half have holo glitter which means they dry a bit gritty, but have a very prismatic effect.

Prize, Essence, Gem, Jewel - These are the holo glitter type colors. Obviously very glittery and prismatic.

Spark, Brilliant, Treasure, Absolute - The holo shimmer type colors. The prismatic effect of these is more subtle.

Prize - Pinkish red holo. This one is very prismatic and looks great with just two coats.

Essence - Rose pink with holo gliitter. Essence looks sweet and innocent, but has a hot, sexy side thanks to the prismatic glitter! I used it on my mom for a pedicure. This swatch is three coats.

Gem - This is a mauvy-gray base with a bright purple, duochrome flash and holographic glitter. Sorry the purple flash didn't get picked up by my camera. The promo pics did not do this polish justice. I expected a lot less. This was a surprise favorite. Gem is stunning thanks to being a holo and a duochrome. Must have! This swatch is three coats.

Jewel - This is a brown holo. Brown holo!! This brown is very flattering and deep like chocolate, and the glitter is very, very prismatic. I adore this and it only needs 2 coats.

Spark - Taupe with prismatic shimmer. Neutral and classy but made more more interesting by the prismatic shimmer. This swatch is three coats.

Brilliant - This purplish pink has a strong prismatic effect and it is so pretty and dainty when I wore it I felt like I shouldn't be using my hands for anything! This swatch is three coats.

Treasure - Royal purple with strong holo. I think this was the most holographic of the "shimmer type" colors. And the purple is to die for! This swatch is three coats.

Absolute - I said it before and I will say it again, this one dissapointed me. I just didn't feel the prismatic effect from it. Although my sister wore it and loved it. To each his own! This swatch is three coats.

Sorry for being repetative, I just don't really know at what point my post vanished, so there may be several of you that didn't see the pictures and review.

Final verdict: Gorgeous collection. I think all of the glitter colors are must haves. They are very prismatic even in low light and I love the base colors of them all as well. We have a brown holo (awesome) a red holo (what we all wanted!) a duochrome holo (are you serious?!) and a delicate "safe" color if you need something more low key.
The shimmer type colors are beautiful and delicate; Soft but interesting. They all need three coats, in my opinion so if you only like 2 coaters, they probably aren't for you.
I slightly wish that the holographic effect was similar to that of Nubar - Reclaim which was also very deep and pigmented. But these are unique and beautiful and I won't complain!

Nubar Prisms are currently available at bynubar.com and retail for $9.49 a piece or $59.95 for the entire set, which breaks down to $7.49 each.

Disclosure: The products featured in this post were furnished to me by the manufacturer or PR company for review. For more information please visit my disclosure policy.


  1. Drool...they look so pretty!

  2. I dont know why but I don't think holo when I see these, they are more like glitters to me. But no matter what they are gorgeous :D

  3. gildedangel - Thank you!

    rijaH - I hear ya. They don't have that smooth holo effect like Reclaim or the China Glaze OMG collection. But they are pretty!

  4. Thank you so much to reposting these! I couldn't see them the first time around.