Monday, November 9, 2009

Lacquer Laine's Ode to Orange

I love orange. A lot. I don't know what it is but I think it really compliments my nails. Maybe I just like the pop it gives. It just works. So I have been sporting a whole slew of orange lately. I have still been mixing it up of course or else I would be bored and I do not want to get sick of my beloved oranges. Here are a few of them:

Color Club - Tangerine Scream - I wore this to a Syracuse football game. Being that they are the "Orangemen", this got a lot of attention.

Color Club - Wild and Willing - I love this shimmery burnt orange duochrome. It flashes green, yellow and a rose gold. The only problem with it is that it needs 4 coats.

Misa - Speed of Life

L'Oreal - Sizzling Tangerine

LA Colors - Shock

OPI - Totally Tangerine

Petites - Passion Orange

Claire's - Orange Neon

China Glaze - Orange Marmalade - I love the glass fleck shimmer. It does settle though so you have to mix well before you use it. And it's pretty thin. I needed 3 or 4 coats.

Santee - Neon Orange

OPI - Hungary For My Honey

LA Colors - Force

Cosmo - Bus Route #1 -I love this bizarre neon yellow-orange. It looks like a bus! Or a neon yellow street sign.

Sinful Colors - Courtney Orange

What do you think of orange nail polish?


  1. They are so pretty, I can't even decide which are my favourites. I don't have a lot of orange polishes, though, as they don't suit me that well. I feel much more comfortable in green and teal.

  2. I'm not a HUGE orange fan but,I think I like the Misa color the best.

  3. Beautiful swatches; I want them all!

    So that you know, I changed the url to my blog (Naive Nails) and it messed up and didn't update anyone for posts or blogrolls. The new url is :)

  4. I love the color in itself but I don't own any orange polish nowadays. I have when I was a teenager but it doesn't compliment my skin tone very well. Wearing orange is not easy! That said Sinful Colors - Courtney Orange is a little beauty! If I had to pick one, that'd be this one. :)

  5. It does look great on you. How many coats was Totally Tangerine? Despite my best efforts I could not make mine go opaque!

    If you love orange, you neeeeeed Zoya Gabrielle. Check it out...

    I have an orange Illamasqua that I need to do but have been putting off as isn't a "me" colour. But I'm working on it!

  6. I love orange! It totally should not work with my skin tones, but I love the ones I can wear. (I've got Speed of Life on the way, I can't wait!)

  7. Beautiful polishes. Each so different. I'll have to wear some orange. I haven't worn any yet. I do have many oranges. I love Wild and Willing.

  8. Hotcha Hotcha! Love the oranges! Tangerine Scream is one of my all time favorite oranges!!! :)

  9. I wore so much orange in October! I have auburn hair so I love orange polish. You have featured so many here I haven't had a chance to try. Wild and Willing is a gorgeous duochrome. I may have to seek out Hungary for my Honey too! You wear orange beautifully!

  10. I looove your nails :))
    Orange really compliments them!

    I'm also a huge fan of orange - but for me this is a totally summer color. Anyway my Orange marmelade is somewhere on the way...can't wait to get it

  11. CuCumPear - Thank you so much! It's okay if you don't have a lot of orange! Green and teal rock!

    The Princess - Thank you! Speed of Life is a great one.

    gildedangel - Thank you! And your link is updated!

    Nathalie - I loooove Courtney Orange. It's an oldie. i have had it forever and it's still a fave!

    Helen - I think I only did 2 coats. Maybe your bottle was off.

    I saw that post you did!! I love the layered look! I gotta get that Zoya!

    Lucy - You gotta get some!! I hope I inspired you!

    beautyjudy - haha! Thank you and it is soooo one of my faves too!!

    paintedladyfingers - I looved you neon orange halloween manis!! *drool* Thank you!

    Nati - Thank you so much!! :c) OM is very pretty! it's just a bit runny and sheer, but once its on it is sooo sparkly and pretty!

  12. Anna - I hope you like Speed of Life! It is a great orange with a great formula and not Over the top

  13. I love orange nail polish. I have six of them. One of my favorites is KleanColor's Twinkly Sunrise (222). It is a dense chrome orange peach with copper glitter. Your image above has induced me to try Courtney Orange by Sinful Colors. Next time I am at Walgreen's, I'll buy it.