Monday, November 16, 2009

Nfu-Oh #40

Whoops!!! Wardrobe malfunction!!!

Okay okay. It wasn't a malfunction. I confess. I did it on purpose because I am just so pround of my little nails! They make me so happy! Look how they grow!

I never actually had too much trouble with the growing part. It was more the not breaking part. Now that I keep my nails polished and use strengthening base coats I have a lot less breakage.

On to the polish!

Today I am bringing you an Nfu-Oh nail polish; #40. It is what is called "flakie". It has these thin, opalescent flakes that shine several different colors. Nfu-Oh - #40 is a clear base with flakes from different shades of green to all sorts of shades of blue. It reminds me of the tropical blue ocean and of swimming in a warm, secluded lagoon or cove. It doesn't have the same effect by itself but if it is layered it is out of this world. For these swatches I have it layered over black.


Here are some shots of the greatest thing to ever happen to flakie nail polish: a matte topcoat:

Oh, the magic that is Nfu-Oh


  1. dang it. I'm gonna end up spending my entire life's worth of earnings on these polishes

  2. oh, and your nails are beautiful! i'm jealous

  3. I love that Nfu-Oh matte!!! Ahh drool....

  4. ooh that nfu-oh is amazing! congrats on the nail growth. what is your HG base coat/nail strengthener? I haven't had luck with nailtiques...and I cannot get my nails to grow (at least without peeling/chipping) that is.

  5. Your nails look gorgeous! I love the nfuoh flakies mmm such a lemming lol :)

  6. Your nails looks amazing and with this color on them - wow ! I also love tha matte version :-)

  7. *blushes* I just you saw you naked!!
    Your nails are growing beautifully and they are beautifully shaped. I love Nfu Oh polishes especially the flakie ones. The matte is a good effect.

  8. Ange-Marie - I am sorry! I will too! I couldn't hold out any longer! I had to have them!

    And thank you! :c)

    gildedangel - I know. I am drooling all over myself as we speak! I love the flakies matte.

    kitty - Thank you! I actually use three different basecoats. I noticed the two I use the most are Nailtek Foundation III and Qtica Natural Nail Growth Stimulator. I started using both at about the same time so it's hard to say which does better for me. At first I would put on both, but once I started seeing improvement I started alternating. And when I swatch I use Sally Hansen Nail Protex, and sometimes use that ase my base for manis too. Hope that helps somewhat!

    Kae - Thank you! Give in to the Nfu-Oh! lol

    augusta - Thank you!

    Tuli - Thank you so much! I am so weak for matte flakies!

    nihrida - Thank you! Me too!

    Jodie - *blushes back*!!! Thank you so much! I am a big fan of Nfu-Oh. I waited for a while to spring for them since they are expensive, but I am glad I did!

    Camy - Thank you! :c)

  9. the nfu-oh is gorgeus!!! (and your nails to!)

    what online stores sell them? I want one :-D

  10. Kristine - Thank you! I love it!

    You can get them at


  11. Your nails look great on their own...but they look like a million bucks with that Nfu-Oh polish on them! Gorgeousness!!!

    You're in Canada, right? How did you find the shipping from Fabuloustreet?

  12. Stunning! I don't have any of these yet, but lust after them constantly. One of these days...

    Congrats on the beautiful nails too - constant polish and attention really do make a huge difference, doesn't it? :-)

  13. another one to drew over! LOL
    beautiful nails! congrats!
    Take care.

  14. Shayla - Hi! no, I am not in Canada. Sorry babe! I'm in Chicago, so no issues with shipping.

    Jamie D. - You'll have to spring for one one day. They are amazing. Thank you and it really does make the difference!

    Lucy - Thank you girl! You're a registered trademark now?! I believe it.

  15. Naked Nails!! :) They look great.

    The flakes are amazing. I have an Nfu-oh holo but none of the flakies. You are making me NEED them. :)

  16. You have amazing naked nails!

  17. Laine you wear Nfu Oh very well. I love the flakies matted!!!!

  18. Liz - Thank you! I think we all need Nfu-Oh flakies!

    L - Thank you so much!

    beautyjudy - Thank you! Me too! Matte flakes=amazing!

  19. How do you order from their site? I know you have to e-mail them, but I can't even figure out how much each bottle costs.

  20. wow! Wonderful swatches!
    The matte topcoat rocks! Which Top-Coat is it? Essie?

  21. Fabulous! Do you know if there is anything like the paint in the other mark as OPI or others?